About Our Club


The Rotary Club of Geelong Central was founded in 1990

and was one of the first Clubs in

the world to conduct meetings over breakfast.

We were also one of the first to have had a
female President!
Our Club is made up of people like you who want to make a difference in the community
and the world we live in.
During the Club's  more than 30 years of service we have made almost a million dollars in donations to
Local, National and International charities and projects.

Club projects include

Managing the monthly Waterfront Makers & Growers Market
Overseas Recycled Playgrounds Program
End Trachoma
Eye Project in Fiji
School building project in the Northern Territory at Gattalala
Kindergarten building project in Fiji.
Supporting Barwon Health
More than 3500 trees planted around Geelong
Building a residential dwelling in association with Habitat for Humanity
Supporting students in leadership, sporting, academic and community development programs