As Rotarians, we do a great deal of work within our community to enhance it.

The City of Greater Geelong has been undertaking a series of workshops (now completed) and a survey of residents. The purpose of the Our Future project is to understand how residents see the Geelong of the future.  This will allow the Council to work toward meeting the vision set. Please see attached flyer in the "Download Files" section in the left had column.

The survey will finish this week on Wednesday 15th February.

There is still time to complete the survey, if you have not already done so.

There are at least two reasons why we as Rotarians should be completing this.
First, we are Geelong residents and should have a say in the future direction of our city.  Second, some of the outcomes of the survey may well point us to future projects that the Rotary clubs of Geelong could undertake to meet identified community needs.

Please consider taking part in this if you have not  already done so.  The url is:<> "

I hope you find this information useful and will bring it to attention of your Club members.

Continue to enjoy the Rotary journey.

Ross Taylor
AG Clubs Group 10