February Market 2023

The February Market was a smash hit this month, even with the overcast in weather. A very successful market saw over 120 artisans, markets and growers selling their products. Including 10-year-old grade 4 student Max Russell, from St Margaret's Primary School in East Geelong, selling his selection of universe inspired paintings! Well done, Max!
The Next Makers and Growers Market is on Sunday the 5th of march.
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The Lazarus Community Centre

On Tuesday the Rotary Club of Geelong Central heard from the Lazarus community centre manager on the wonderful work the Lazarus community centre does in our community.
The Lazarus Community had the following to say about their mission. “In 2013 a group from The Wesley Centre for Life Enrichment visited the Prahran Mission in Chapel Street. 18 months later in February 2015 the three city Churches in Geelong – St. Mary’s (Catholic Church), Christ Church (Anglican) & Wesley Uniting Church in Yarra Street reviewed social needs in Geelong and focused efforts on addressing homelessness and social isolation.
For the next 18 months the three Churches gathered together to form a planning & management group: Wendy Leigh, Michael Nolan, Gary McIlvena, Des Younghusband, Peter Gador-Whyte (minister at Wesley), Colin Hastings and other reps attended. Visits were made to the St Kilda Mission, Prahran Mission & the St Mary’s House of Welcome in Brunswick to inspect operational structures & how to do things well.
Our Mission: To provide a safe and welcoming place for people to meet and be supported as valued members of our community.
The Lazarus Centre is a place for people to feel safe and welcome. Somewhere where they can take a shower, wash and dry their clothes, have a light lunch, participate in activities, meet with volunteers and receive support from specialist homelessness staff.
All people are welcome whether they are homeless or not.”
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Milo Tins for  the Christchurch Meals Program

President Don and PDG Jane presented Jan McGowan and Ruth from the Christchurch Meals Program with a cheque from sales of Milo tins which were generously provided by Nestlé. Our Club has been assisting this worthy program for over 22 years. Jane also donated a tin to the program. We look forward to further association with the Meals Program.
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January Market 2023

The January Market was a smash hit this month with a crowd of 10,000 people attending. The Public Holiday market, held at Steampacket Gardens was attended by 104 stall holders. 
Stall Holder Kerri Symes has been a long-standing market vendor, selling her range of baby clothes, cushions & dog mats. 
The next Makers and Growers Market will be on Sunday the 5th of February. 
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Australian Rotary Health - Indigenous Health Scholarship

Each year, the Rotary Club of Geelong Central donates $2,500 to Australian Rotary Health, sponsoring the Indigenous Health Scholarship.  These Scholarships support Indigenous students to undertake tertiary training in nursing, physiotherapy, psychology, dentistry and other health related degrees at university. These scholarships help Indigenous students to overcome barriers to tertiary study and qualification.
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International Peace Day

Posted by Jed Castle on Sep 21, 2022
On September 21st, Rotary Celebrated International Peace Day. Each year, Rotary awards up to 130 fully funded fellowships for dedicated leaders from around the world to study at one of our peace centres. Since the program began in 2002, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,500 fellows who now work in over 115 countries. For more information, contact our District Peace Fellowship Officer Jenny Acopian and see the District Page and the RI Page.
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Rotary Australia Relocating Playgrounds

This On the 10th of September members loaded a 40ft container with 9 playgrounds plus school supplies supplied (from DIK) ready to ship to The Rotary Club of Port Moresby, who will have them installed at the General Hospital (Childrens Ward), Police Station (Domestic Violence Unit – to occupy children whilst mum is interviewed), Ella beach, and at 5 schools.
Well done to everyone who could assist.
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DG Kathy's Official Visit

Last week we had the District Governors Official visit to the club. DG Kathy Rivett is from RC of Alfredton, Ballarat. She commenced by inducting our three newest members: Jonathan Hines, Vic Hope & Cath Powell.
Kathy presented to the club, challenging us to bring fun to our meetings & club activities. She is looking forward to our members attending her District Conference in Ballarat in March and has given the club a jigsaw piece to bring along (President Don was able to change it from Mongolia to New Zealand). She also recommends members attend the Rotary International Convention in May, as it won’t get any closer. She presented on this year’s theme, Imagine, and asked us to imagine the changes we could make in the world. She ran through some of the programs of Rotary, including ROMAC, RYLA, RYGEN & RLI.
Kathy was impressed that our club is on the right track in lots of ways, including removal of impediments to visitors & new members being made welcome in the club. We have long ago abolished the old-fashioned things that don’t fit modern society, such as fines sessions, invocation/grace, and singing the national anthem.
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August Market 2022

The Geelong Waterfront Makers & Growers’ Market on Sunday, August 7 was a big day for the majority of stall holders. Whether it was cakes, soaps, jewellery or gem stones, the 7000 strong public attendance made the most of the clear 14 C temperature.
Remember the next market will be on the waterfront on Sunday, September 4.
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Changeover Dinner and Paul Harris Fellowships 2022

On Tuesday the 5th of July, we celebrate the conclusion of a Rotary year and the beginning of another with our annual changeover dinner.
As we reflected on the year, we looked back at the contributions we have made. Overall, we donated $42,816.61 to various causes. You can see the full breakdown here
On the night, President Don made some award presentations to those doing outstanding work in the community.
  • We presented Ken Petzerides with a Paul Harris Fellowship, for his fantastic work with Shoulder to Shoulder
  • We presented Jan McGowan with a Paul Harris Fellowship, for her work with the Christ Church Meals program for the homeless.
Don also presented PDG Phil Beasley with his 5th PHF Sapphire pin & Richard Oakley his 3rd PHF Sapphire pin. Don also presented a Paul Harris Fellow to his wife, Loida Shields.
We thanked Phil Beazley for his service to the club over many years and said that although he has transferred to RC of Torquay, he will always be a Geelong Centralarian as far as we are concerned, and he is welcome back at any time.
Finally, Ken Petzerides presented the club with a Certificate of Appreciation for the Fuel Safety Cabinet we presented him.
This wonderful night of celebration was a great end to a wonderful rotary year. Thank you to everyone involved for their hard work and dedication.
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Nepal Hospital

Posted by Linda Carr
District Conference at Port Fairy features a powerful presentation by Dr Louise Harper about genital prolapse prevalent in Nepal.  Dr Harper spoke about the impact Rotary has had on their fundraising to build a hospital to train local medicos and treat young mothers suffering with this easily treated malfunction.
Geelong Central is investigating a local event to raise awareness and funds, to complement District’s efforts.  Watch out for more details and check out this site for more information about the hospital. Australians for Women's Health
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BEEing Aware

Posted by Linda Carr
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It’s hard to overstate the importance of bees. Out of the 25,000 bee species in the world, only four make honey. Producing honey and beeswax is just the tip of the iceberg. Although many species of insects pollinate plants, honeybees contribute to the pollination of 84% of the crops grown for human consumption (a third of all the food we eat) as well as many crops grown for livestock.
Have a look at Rotarians for Bees Website for an update on the current Varroa situation-  https://rotariansforbees.org/
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The Great Registration Race!

Posted by Jed Castle
From Saturday the 24th of July to Sunday 31st of July is DonateLife Week! Run by the Australian Government’s Organ and Tissue Authority and supported by DonateLife agencies across every state and territory, DonateLife Week is a public awareness initiative that encourages Australians to register as organ and tissue donors.
This year, we want up to 100,000 more Australians to register as organ and tissue donors and join The Great Registration Race for DonateLife Week. We know 4 in 5 Australians support donation, yet there are around 13 million Australians aged 16+ who are eligible to register as an organ and tissue donor – but haven’t.

It only takes one minute to sign up at donatelife.gov.au or just three taps in your Medicare app.
Join the #GreatRegistrationRace with us and encourage 100,000 Australians to become registered organ and tissue donors by the end of #DonateLifeWeek. Together, we can help turn this number around. 1,750 Australians are currently on the organ transplant waitlist. You could help save a life one day and change someone’s life forever.
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Jazz Swings in Mental Health

Posted by Linda Carr

An evening of great Jazz and wine (BYO) with an ensemble from Kardinia College and a quartet from St. Joseph's College plus a six person band of professional musicians.

A light supper will be served by students from North Geelong Secondary College. Tea and coffee available.

BYO drinks only and bring your own glasses plus snacks.

This Rotary Club of Geelong fundraiser is an initiative to specifically support the mental health of youth who may be in need of support or professional help. The mental health of youth is a paramount concern. Many of our young are suffering mental anguish and too many have dropped out of education altogether. We must support our young.

All the proceeds of the evening will be directed to Headspace Geelong, Ocean Mind and The Power In You Project.

Book Here: Jazz Swings | In the Mood for Mental Health (protix.io)

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Welcome to Imagine Rotary

Posted by Jed Castle
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As we move into the next year, take a moment to Imagine Rotary! Dream Big, harness connections. Imagine, a would that deserves our best!
As we reflect on the past year, a massive shoutout to DG John Clue, and everyone at District Level, working like a well-oiled machine to create an amazing and wonderful year for us all. We welcome in DG Kathy Rivett from the Rotary Club of Alfredton to the position of District Governor and wish her all the best!
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World Environment Day Dinner 2022

Posted by Jed Castle
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On Monday the 6th of June, Rotarians from clubs 9 and 10 gathered to Celebrate World Environment Day. Hosted by a powerhouse of team, the event was a massive success and was attended by 102 Rotarians from across the District.
A scrumptious 2 course meal, Environmental Bingo, and a myriad of presentations from groups including OZ FISH, Rotarians Bees and Lids for Kids resulted in a educational, enlightening and entertaining event.
Jennifer Jarrad, the Regional Coordinator for Lids4Kids, and Vicki Perrett, the President of Geelong Sustainability challenged us to think about how we can help benefit the planet.
Massive Congratulations to Maggie Isom and Rhonda Anchen (RC Torquay), Barb Sheehan (RC Highton), Aileen Brown (RC Bayside), Stephen Ywedall (RC Geelong West), Beryl McMillan (RC Geelong), and our very own Linda Carr!
Climate Change starts with us!
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