Currently I am in sunny Qld but unfortunately I am returning mid week just intime for another Victorian cold snap. There is no Rotary meeting this week but PDG Jane Cox is suggesting we get together this week for a social coffee. Please read Janes email and respond so as she can set a time and place.
Past President Max is still recovering from his replacement knee surgery so a big thank you goes to Tim Hamilton who supervised the Rotary Van at Today's market. By all accounts there was a steady flow of customers at the van and the stall holders had a good day. Thanks again to the Geelong Rotary members who came along to help.
As Chair of the District 9780 Organ Donor Awareness committee ,   I would really appreciate  any promotion that Clubs in the District  could give  to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation and perhaps even register people !
Interestingly - there are 8 people from District 9780 in the last year who have had successful transplants , so I'm proud to continue with the Mary Elliott legacy of support to these people and all the others waiting for donors !
Torquay are also running a Donate Life stall on August 3rd at Woolworths Torquay, - just one idea  
There are plenty of resources listed in the supporter kit - attached
I have attached a Promo that I would appreciate if you could include the District news  and also a media release - 
Warm Regards 
Maggie Isom 
Chair , Organ Donor Awareness 
District 9780 
Click Media Release to read the release
Click Flyer to read the flyer
Good Evening Everyone,o
 Here is a brief summary of the RAWCS Suthern District projects for the last Rotary year. The Southern District of RAWCS covers all the districts in Victoria and Tasmania. Currently there are 13 ongoing RABS projects in the Southern Region.
  • Cost of volunteer travel $635,465
  • Estimated volunteer  work value $1,900,520
  • Teams are active in 11 countries with a total of 218 volunteers
    Regards to you all
    Noel Howard
    9780 RAWCS chair
    0439 311 053
Dear Club Officers,

It is a new Rotary year and I would like to welcome you to your role.

I am the Manager of RI South Pacific & Philippines Office – Rotary’s Regional Office for Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Philippines.  What I would like to do is provide you with easy access to a set of resources that will simplify your dealings with Rotary International.

These resources include ‘how-to’ guides, links to RI resources, along with guidelines on who to work with at Rotary when dealing with various issues.  We have attempted to organise these resources in a way that you will find quick and intuitive.  To get started, click this link to the Resource Guide for Club Officers. Please save this PDF on your computer so that you always have ready access to it.

While our objective is to save you time in performing your role, the information will also be useful to others in your club.  The information is not confidential so feel free to include the above link in your club bulletin and, if you have a club website, we would encourage you to place the link there as well.  It would also be beneficial for districts to include these resources in their bulletins and website.

Our role here in the Regional Office is to support Rotarians to do good in the world.  If you find that there are additional Rotary resources to which you need easy access, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Grace Ramirez
Manager, International Office and Financial Services
From The President 2019-08-03 14:00:00Z 0